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July, 2013
*SHIPWRECK FEATURE: Henry B. Smith found!
*Maritime newspaper abstracts
  -Ludington Record, June & July, 1881
  -Mason County Record, January, 1879
  -Manistee Times, Oct-Dec, 1871
*Marine Disasters on the Lakes, J.W. Hall, 1871
*Meteorological Chart of the Great Lakes, 1903
*Report of the Steamboat Inspection Service, 1906
  -(District 8 & 9).
*7 shipwreck files
*1 vessel added to shipwreck index
*updated Glossary

June, 2013
*18 shipwreck files
*7 obituaries
*46 vessels added to shipwreck index
*Maritime abstracts;
 - Ludington Record, May 1881
 - Ludington Record Appeal, Nov 2, 1905
 - Updated Glossary

May, 2013
*8 vessels added to Shipwreck index
*Shipwreck Feature: St. Albans

April, 2013
*4 shipwreck files
*1 biography
*1 newspaper article to 1913 Storm
*Marine Review, December 1913, added to 1913 storm.
*Added a section for abstracts from old newspapers
*Shipwreck Feature: Isaac M. Scott

March, 2013
*Reports: Report of the Department of Commerce and Labor, 1905
*Annual Report of the U.S. Life-Saving Service, 1914
*Huron Institute Papers & Records, Vol. I - 1901
  Shipping on the Upper Lake
*3 obituaries
*2 shipwreck files
*30 vessels added to the shipwreck index file
*1905 "Mataafa" storm

February, 2013
*9 obituaries
*2 biographies
*Early Lake Navigators - 1883

January, 2013
*Books: R. L. Polk & Co., Marine Directory - 1884
(a work in progress) List of Vessel Captains added.
*Reports: Lake Carriers' Association Report, 1913 (in progress)
*1940 Armistice Day Storm
*Shipwreck Feature: Charles S. Price
*3 shipwrecks
*5 biographies
*2 obituaries

December, 2012
*Shipwreck Feature Rouse Simmons "The Christmas Tree Ship"
*19 vessels added to shipwreck index
*1 shipwreck file
*9 biographies
*1 obituary
*Coast Guard Investigation into the loss of the Carl D. Bradley (full text)

November, 2012
*Shipwreck Feature: Carl D. Bradley
*Great Storm of 1913
*13 newspaper articles to the 1913 Storm sources
*"Monthly Weather Review" for November, 1913
*8 biographies
*2 obituaries
*2 shipwreck files

October, 2012
*3 shipwreck files
*added 59 ships to the shipwreck index
*1 biography

September, 2012
*2 obituaries
*8 biographies
*32 shipwreck files
*Canadian Lighthouses
*U.S. Lighthouses

September 1, 2012
* First day of a brand new area of the U.S. Data Repository.

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