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Through the centuries collisions, great storms, misadventure and human error have left the bottoms of the Great Lakes containing more shipwrecks per square mile than perhaps any other body of water in the world. Maritime researchers and sport diving enthusiasts are able to view many of these preserved in the fresh, cold lake waters, BUT, there are others that have remained hidden for decades despite repeated efforts to find their final resting places.

Our list of missing vessels is not by any means complete. We invite you to return as more boats and accounts are added to these pages.

Adella Shores May 1, 1909 Lake Superior
Alpena Oct. 16, 1880 Lake Michigan
Andaste Sept 9, 1929 Lake Michigan
Bannockburn Nov 21, 1902 Lake Superior
Benjamin Noble Apr. 17, 1914 Lake Superior
Black Hawk Nov, 1847 Lake Michigan
Cerisoler Nov 24, 1918 Lake Superior
City of Detroit Dec 4, 1863 Saginaw Bay
Clifton Sept 22, 1924 Lake Huron
Frank C. Barnes Nov 1, 1915 Lake Ontario
George F. Whitney Sept, 1872 Lake Michigan
Hydrus Nov 9, 1913 Lake Huron
Inkerman Nov 24, 1918 Lake Superior
Ira H. Owen Nov 28, 1905 Lake Superior
James Carruthers Nov 9, 1913 Lake Huron
John Owen Nov 12, 1919 Lake Superior
Marquette & Bessemer
No. 2
Dec 7, 1909 Lake Erie
Merchant June 13, 1847 Lake Superior
Omar Pasha Nov, 1855 Lake Michigan
Plymouth Nov 9, 1913 Lake Michigan
Water Witch Nov, 1863 Saginaw Bay


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