- Captain James L. Owens -

1859 - 1913

There is universal mourning for the men who went down as a result of last Sunday's storm, and general horror is felt over the terrible proportions of the disaster, but it is believed that the death of no in- dividual is more generally lamented than that of Capt. James L. Owens of the steamer H. B. SMITH - "Jimmie," as everybody who knew him affectionately called him. Some of them still refuse to believe that his boat will not yet turn up, for there have been such in- stances as a vessel lying behind Grand Island for a week after the storm had gone down elsewhere, and coming out after all hope for her had been abandoned.

Capt. Owens was liked for various qualities that he possessed. He was a typical sailor - brusque, blunt and outspoken. It has been said of many men that they were "generous to a fault." Somebody may invent a better phrase some day, but that accurately describes Capt. Owens. Nobody with a worthy cause ever appealed to him for financial aid in vain.

Capt. Owens was born in Brockville, Ont. He was 54 years of age when he died, and has been a sailor on the lakes since he was 18 years old. He leaves a childless widow at Geneva, Ohio, and two sisters at Cleveland. He also leaves hosts of mourning friends in Duluth and every port on the lakes.

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