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Found Dead in Bed at His Summer Home.


Left His Office in Ellicott Square Late
On Friday Afternoon - Prominent
Lake Line Manager.

When the news of the sudden death of ROBERT H. HEBARD was received in this city at an early hour yesterday morning, there was universal sorrow expressed in commercial and business circles, in which he was one of the most prominent figures. The fact that he was on duty until late the previous afternoon, at his desk in the office of the St. Paul & Buffalo Steamship Company, the Soo Line, of which he was manager, led many of the business associates and intimate friends to question the truth of the report.

Later advices received by C. E. HEBARD, his brother, and superintendent at the Minnesota Ore Docks, as well as by WILLIAM S. NEVINS, who was connected with the Soo Line, left no room for doubt. Then it was remembered that when MR. HEBARD left for his summer home in Derby, he remarked that he was not feeling as well as usual. When he retired to bed, however, he did not complain of feeling ill.

His son, WALTER C. HEBARD, who went to his room about 6 a.m. to call him, discovered that his father was dead. It is supposed that his death had come several hours before the discovery was made. Heart trouble is thought to have been the cause.


ROBERT H. HEBARD was born in Buffalo, May 10, 1847, and was the son of GEORGE F. HEBARD, at one time an officer in the United States navy and SUSAN M. GILLESPIE. He was educated in the public and private schools of this city. When but 18 years old he enlisted in Company I. 8th New York Cavalry, and for five months served in CUSTER'S brigade. The war over he returned to Buffalo, entering the service of the Western Union Telegraph Company where he remained until 1870 when he went into the office of the Union Steamboat Company, where he remained for twenty years, rising to the position of assistant general manager under WASHINGTON BULLARD.

In 1887 he was appointed agent of the Lake Erie Transportation Company, the Wabash Lake Line, and two years later accepted a similar position in the American Transit Company. At the time of his death MR. HEBARD was general manager of both these lines, as well as of the Soo Line.

The Wabash Lake Line operates four steamers between Buffalo and Toledo; the American Transit Company operates on the Erie Canal between New York and Buffalo, while the Soo Line has four boats between Gladstone and Buffalo.

Hebard Widely Known

As representative of [illegible] which owe their success to his executive ability, MR. HEBARD became widely known, and his integrity and genial qualities made him popular with all who came in contact with him. Yesterday the flags on every vessel in the harbor were at half-mast and on all sides were heard expressions of regret.

MR. HEBARD was prominently connected with the Lake Carriers' Association, the Transportation Club of which he was third vice-president, of the Merchants' Exchange, and of the Buffalo Club. He was high in Masonry, being a member of Washington Lodge No. 240, Buffalo Chapter No. 71, Hugh de Payens Commandery No. 30, K. T., and Ismalia Temple, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

He was married July 19, 1871, to MISS KATE PEASE, daughter of CAPT. WILLIAM T. PEASE, who survives him, with their three adult children. FANNIE B., MARION H, and WALTER C. HEBARD. The home of MR. HEBARD in Buffalo was at No. 502 Porter Avenue, to which place the remains were brought at a late hour last night.

The funeral will take place at 3:30 p.m. Monday

In the absence of President A. A. HEARD of the Transportation Club, First Vice-President ROBBINS and Secretary NEVINS, called a meeting of the executive committee of that organization, and arrangements will be made to have a large delegation present at the funeral. The Merchants' Exchange and Buffalo Club will also take action at once. Meetings of the different Masonic bodies have been called for tonight, when resolutions will be adopted and arrangements made for attending the funeral.

Buffalo Courier - Sunday, June 25, 1899

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