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Legal Protections for Contributors

The US Data Repository is owned and operated by The United States Genealogy Network, Inc., a nonprofit public benefit corporation with an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Our staff is comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers who believe in keeping data freely available to all online researchers.
Contributors retain full copyright to all data contributed to this repository. If a contributor wishes to have their file(s) removed from the The US Data Repository, they need only contact us and their requests will be promptly honored.
The US Data Repository promises to make all data contributions freely accessible online for so long as the United States Genealogy Network, Inc. has the ability to publish web pages on the Internet, unless removal is requested by the contributor.
In the event The United States Genealogy Network, Inc. is no longer able to publish web pages on the Internet, the holdings of the corporation must be gifted to a similar nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) designation. Your contributions can never be sold by The United States Genealogy Network.

USGenNet Inc., US Data Repository Copyright Statement

The design, content and graphics of this sites and all other elements created by us, USGenNet Inc. and US Data Repository or where the copyright has been assigned to us are copyrighted by USGenNet Inc., with all rights reserved. USGenNet Inc-US Data Repository is protected by copyright as a collective work and/or compilation, pursuant to U.S. copyright laws, international conventions, and other copyright laws.
Content which has been contributed to the US Data Repository will remain the property of the contributor, original creator or legal owner and we are licensed to distribute said content.
Please consider that we are the distributor of user contributed content which is often simple transcriptions of public domain material. We provide a service to the general public by permanently publishing said material in a free-access online environment.
We will however respond to substantiated claims of violation of copyright. In such a case, the person who believes they have a claim under copyright should send a claim of copyright violation to:

Webmaster, USGenNet

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